Security and communication in schools has become vital for both staff and pupils to truly feel safe in the modern era and having a school lockdown system that can perform multiple communications has become almost essential.

In the event of an emergency, time is extremely limited if you are looking to activate your emergency procedures efficiently, giving your school the best possible chance to be able to eliminate a higher level of risk quickly.

While many schools still make use of their fire alarm to alert pupils and staff to situations, their use creates a lot of confusion surrounding the nature of the alert, something that can potentially increase the risk to staff and pupils within your school.

Our School Lockdown System has been specifically created for schools, providing you with a complete communication system that can not only allow you to signal class changes, wet break times, act as a tannoy system and most importantly, a school lockdown system which can relay your personalised message without confusion.

While a number of school lockdown systems that are available on the market right now work on wireless receivers, our system removes the chance of transmission interceptions and delays, with a fully wired system that guarantees your message is deployed throughout your school the moment you activate the alert.

A School Lockdown System tailored to your school

We know that schools have a range of ongoing emergency plans and actions that need to be incorporated into their choice of school lockdown system and that is why our audible lockdown alert system has been created to be customisable to fit into your school perfectly.

With the ability to install your system with a range of personalised audio files, you can easily add clear emergency messages, sounds and alerts that fit into your schools preference.

More than just a School Lockdown System

We realise that schools often need a communication system that can carry out multiple tasks and while our lockdown system is designed to help you communicate your message quickly and clearly, often you will be looking for a separate solution to things such as announcing class changes and wet break times, but our system can be a one stop solution.

Our system has the ability to be used for a number of tasks, including:

  • PA microphone to speak to the school
  • Class change alerts
  • Wet break announcements
  • Lunch time announcements
  • Playing out music throughout the school for parents evenings

What makes our system the perfect choice to protect your school?

It has been specifically designed for education.

We know that there are a range of systems that are being sold as school lockdown systems on the market right now but many of those available make use of WiFi signal in order to activate the alert system.

While this would seem like a great addition to your system, the signal and ability to active your emergency alert system becomes reliant on the internet within your school in order to complete the activation process, but what if the signal isn’t strong enough or your school loses power?

That is why we only provide and install wired alert systems as standard, meaning that in those vital moments, your system is reliable and relays your message quickly to all your staff and pupils.

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