Funded Lighting Upgrades

If your school are looking to upgrade your lighting solution, you should be aware that the interest free SALIX funded lighting upgrade scheme, which will not only help you solve your lighting issue but can also help to reduce your school’s electricity bills by up to 40%.
Parkside Facility Services can aid you through every step of the process, from lighting surveys through to the application for the school lighting grant application before completing the installation quickly and efficiently, making upgrading your school lighting easier than ever before.

What is the SALIX Funding Lighting Upgrade scheme?

The SALIX Funded Lighting Upgrade scheme makes use of interest free funding – via Salix Finance Limited, an independent, not for profit company that is funded by the UK government. This funding can then be used to upgrade traditional lighting in schools to more efficient LED lighting, helping your educational facility to save both electricity use and money.

Once your school has been approved for funding, the repayments are made from the electricity bill savings that your school makes following the upgraded lighting being installed.

Schools are able to borrow any amount from £5,000 upwards and once the repayment of your loan amount has been completed, the savings that your school makes are retained by the facility.

How the SALIX lighting upgrade saves your school up to 40% on electricity bills

There are thousands of schools that still operate a lighting system that incorporate halogen strip lights throughout their facility, which can not only mean that lighting within the school is not bright enough but also can be both expensive and high maintenance in terms of strip light replacements being needed regularly.
The SALIX lighting upgrade scheme would see your school’s lighting upgraded to LED lighting, known for performance, longevity and more efficient lighting levels.
This means that classrooms that currently need as many as 12 halogen strip light fittings could be dramatically reduced, helping to reduce the energy consumption required while increasing the lighting levels with the use of lighting that lasts as much as four times longer than traditional lighting.

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